Camera is not working in windows 10

May 9, 2024
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I used to try to resolve camera issues by rebooting the PC and it worked for a while, but the problem reappeared. Now, the camera is completely non-functional. While the Device Manager shows that the device is functioning properly, it actually isn't.
What can I do about it?


Oct 25, 2023
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Hi @sevensamuraicroissant

Since rebooting no longer helps, let's try a few steps to get it working again:
  1. Update Camera Driver:
    • Open Device Manager, find your camera under "Imaging devices" or "Cameras."
    • Right-click on it and select "Update driver."
    • Choose "Search automatically for updated driver software."
  2. Check Camera Privacy Settings:
    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Camera.
    • Make sure "Allow apps to access your camera" is turned on.
    • Scroll down and ensure the apps you want to use the camera with have permission.
  3. Run the Hardware Troubleshooter:
    • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
    • Select "Additional troubleshooters" and then "Camera."
    • Run the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Reinstall Camera Driver:
    • In Device Manager, right-click on your camera and select "Uninstall device."
    • Restart your computer, and Windows should reinstall the driver automatically.
Let me know if any of these steps help get your camera working again!

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