SOLVED Cannot type in password box at Windows 10 start up

Oct 23, 2017
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I have a 3 year old lenovo desktop that came with Windows 8.1 but has been running Windows 10 flawlessly since shortly after I purchased it. Today I turned it off and when I turned it back on I could not type anything in the password box. Keystrokes were not registered. I'm using a USB keyboard, and changed ports. I also changed keyboards. No luck. I powered it off, unplugged it, tried again, no luck.

The only thing weird that happened before I initially turned the computer off was that I was frozen in Word 2010, which had popped up the Research pane, which I couldn't close, and it wouldn't let me continue typing my document--which is why I powered down, hoping the reboot would reset Word. It seems as if the lock-out in Word 2010 continued to the password box on Windows 10 start up.

Any ideas?

Thank you



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Hugh,

When you get to the sign-in page, try the following:
  • In the bottom right corner you may see a single icon, or a group of four.
    • If its just a single icon left click that, then click the icon to the left of power icon
  • The icon to the left of power icon is a circle of dashes with the top right quarter missing. This is your ease of access icon. Click this icon then select On-screen keyboard.
  • Next click inside password field, to give focus to this.
  • Now using your mouse click the letters from on-screen keyboard to type your password in, then click the Arrow to right of password field to sign-in.
  • Assuming you can sign-in this way, open an elevated command prompt and run a System File Check:
    • Press Windows key + S then in search field type Command
    • In the search results right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator
    • Click Yes when the User Account Control appears then at the prompt type:

Press Enter key to run​
  • When done with that you could also click Start > Settings cog > Update & security > Troubleshoot and from there run the Hardware and devices troubleshoot tool.
  • You could also right-click on Start and select Device manager and check your USB Hub drivers are up to date.



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