Catching Windows doing wrong behavior/behaviour.

Apr 5, 2018
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My notebook was slowing down on a regular base and sometimes becoming so slow that the only solution was a fresh reboot.
I wanted to see what was causing and the next time my notebook was slowing down, I hot the magic 3-key solution, "Ctrl-Alt-Del".

"Task Manager" came up and showed a full 100% CPU consumption.
The other 2 columns, "Disk" and "Memory" were also cunsumming very high.
But only briefly.
As if I was catching a kid doing something wrong, every application which was not really needed started to close down and disappear.
The CPU consumption went almost instantly from 100% to a bare minimum.
20% or even less.

Result, now I leave "Task Manager" constantly open and my Notebook runs smoothly.

The applications which used to take 100% of the CPU resources were "Anti Malware Service Executable" and "System".


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