Changes in File Explorer are reverted when reopened

Oct 20, 2016
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Hi all,

I've amassed a lot of files over the years, and finally decided to organize them.

I've been organizing them into like folders, then splitting them up into categories, etc., then deleting the original folders so that I can access all of my personal files in one place. The next time I go to continue organizing, though, I find that a lot of the files have been moved back to where they were before, the folders I've deleted are still there, and any new folders I've made aren't there. I have a system for doing this, tedious as it may be, but it ensures I'm going through every file before it's put where I want it to go, and when I take a break from it, I write down how far I've gotten.

It isn't doing this every time... Sometimes the files and folders are exactly where I've put them. I find it happens most often after rebooting. Then I have to go back through every folder I've already organized to see what's been changed back.

What can I do to stop this?

Thanks in advance,
Jenn J.

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