Cohabitation issues with Windows 7 and Windows 10 on 2 different hard disks

Dec 28, 2021
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On my computer, I have 2 Windows installed on 2 different SSD disks. One for Window7 boot and the 2nd one for Windows10 boot.
They are configured to boot with EFI.

C: is for the current Windows running, E: for the other system OS.
I have other classical HD for personnal data (ex : D:, F:, G, H: )

Here is my problem :

When I work on Windows 7 and need to reboot on Windows 10, a checkdisk is set automatically at startup and all disks are checked then repaired as if HD issues had been found.
A reparation is launched to try to correct disk issues on a all system and data HDs, the actions are like :
- inserting an index entry with ID (xxx) into index $SDH of file (yyy)
- Replacing Invalid Security Id With Default Security Id

I encounter exactly the same problem, if I am working on W10 and need to reboot on W7.

Often, after checkdisk repair actions, my system SSD disk can not reboot anymore. It is exactly like W7 try to avoid W10 to boot, and vice versa.
(when it happens, I have to boot on the last working Windows, to restaure the last ISO I have for the other OS).

What is troubling is : if I decide to always work on the same OS day after day, all works fine and never met any issues when restarting (at the condition I stay on the same Windows).

I have verifyed all the HD, they have no bad sectors.

I would need your expertise to understand that problem please. I would be glad to have an explanation because it seems very strange to me.
Is it possible that the current OS is writing automatically informations on the other System Disk ?

Maybe I can configure first each Windows to set Checkdisk to never start on the other System disk ?



Jun 9, 2017
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Are your Windows 7 set up UEFI 64Bit? and what booting program are you using for booting Try this one

EasyBCD for Windows​



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