File Explorer Search Issues

Sep 6, 2021
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Goal: Find a file without looking through the content of files, using a wildcard and have it highlight in yellow the word found in the results.

Best to give an example of my challenge. I have some files that have the word "Test" in the filename. Some of the "Test" words in the filename are in the middle of another word or just not by themselves. Like "OriginalTest". So I found that wildcards find this type of filename but two things are bad about it...
  1. Search finds the search phrase in the content of files. I don't want this. I just want it to find files.
  2. The results do not highlight the search phrase.
So ideally, in the below pic the search phrase "*test" would return the first (3) files only and highlight the word "test" in all three.


I figured the keyword "name:" would solve the problem but it does not. Apparently, wildcards do not work with keywords. So if I put "name:test" or "name:*test" I only get the one file that has "Test" by itself. What about the other two files???

If anyone has some cleaver way to do this please let me know.

Thank you

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