Combat Flight Simulator 2

Feb 19, 2017
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Hello-hello- this is not my forte- I am totally lost in this forest. I want to vent that I can no longer play ms cfs 2. It is essentially dead. Greatest combat sim existent. A real flight sim with history. Not a video game per se. A real flight sim. Gone forever with ms 7-10. Had a dual boot-xp-win 7 then downloaded win10. Lost it. Bye-bye win xp and cfs 2. Would love a real replacement with great graphics-not happening . Too damn complicated for the weenie video players-flaps-what? gear-what? ah stall what? Taking off-What? Landing What? I am in total grief for this loss. Ok not total-but I do miss the simulation even if my life is not at stake to defend Europe and life as we know it. This is of course an exercise in melodrama, but so what?


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