Delay opening some programs

Dec 14, 2018
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If I launch certain programs, either from the icon in the start menu, or by double clicking a file, there's a delay of about 12 seconds, then it opens normally.

Excel does it, Word does it, VLC media player does it (so it's not an Office problem).
Wordpad doesn't do it, Notepad doesn't do it, Opera doesn't do it, Paintshop Pro doesn't do it, and I don't think anything else does either.
What have Office and VLC in common?

The weird thing is it will do it a few times then suddenly behave ok for that application.
About a month ago it started.
Nothing much else is running, the CPU and GPU are idling.
It's not my disk spinning up.
I'm on the performance power scheme.
Windows is up to date.
The PC is powerful - Ryzen 9 3900XT (12 cores 24 threads), Radeon R9 280X graphics, 64GB RAM.


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