Desktop errors, bad SSD drive???

Aug 29, 2019
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I have a I7 desktop I only use for music recording and processing. This weekend it would not boot. It prompted me to boot 2 W7 installations but W7 has never been installed on this machine.

The primary drive is a 1tb SSD drive with one partition. I have a sata drive for additional storage plugged in also. I unplugged the sata drive and can get it to boot but it takes a long time . On a side note for some time the boot times have been longer than they used to be.

I removed the sata drive putting it in a usb enclosure, appears to be fine. Thinking that the SSD is going I backed it up and also cloned both partitions on a 1tb sata drive. When I tried to boot using the newly cloned sata drive I got errors sending me into the bios to change the CPU settings.

Here are my guesses. One the MB was set up for a SSD and the settings need to be changed to boot from the sada drive, only a guess.

The other thing when I built up this computer I asked on the forums about how to set up the "bit locker" , like I had been instructed years before in a W7 computer. I was told W10 does all that for you. I built it up and booted a fresh copy of W10 from the disc, never going through the somewhat complicated process of setting up the bit locker.

So does anyone have any ideas how I can restore the SSD drive or if not that can I install the cloned sata drive? There is at least one software that is no longer able to register, so if I can restore the SSD would be my best option.

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