DNS goes from Auto to fixed IP

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Delta624826, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Delta624826


    Jul 6, 2017
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    A HP Envy4-1110us goes from "Obtain a DNS Automatically" to a fixed IP (at will).
    W 10 1703, latest update.
    Windows Defender.

    Granddaughter frustrated she can not connect at school.

    I took laptop to coffee shop (major chain) set the DNS to auto, and had no problems connecting.
    She came home and said it would connect but no INTERNET.
    I cross checked and DNS had gone back to fixed.

    The fixed IP is the sever running under Server 2016 Essentials.
    Login is a domain Administrator USER.

    Any ideas?
    Delta624826, Oct 11, 2017
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  2. Delta624826


    Apr 22, 2017
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    Wolfie, Oct 12, 2017
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  3. Delta624826

    Tim Locke

    May 6, 2015
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    Guelph On
    Is the machine running w10 Pro ?

    I presume by 'school' you mean a public or high school not a university.

    What do you use when you are at home. That is not school and not a coffee shop

    When she logs on at school she is logging on to a domain ? Sounds like it. If at school she can connect ( to their server) and access only that which the school permits and no internet.

    Is this wifi in all cases? If so then you should be able to see available networks and when you pick your home or coffee shop that should send the correct DHCP data which would usually include a automatic DNS.

    I suspect that this can be solved by asking the person in charge of IT at the school. I would bet they have a standard setup to solve this.
    Tim Locke, Oct 12, 2017
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