DPC issues!

Mar 24, 2016
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Hello! new to the forum, and I am having a similar issue and wondering if someone here could help me.

What I did about two weeks ago:

-Installed Windows updates ("mandatory" these days because of Win10...)
-Updated my firewall (Zonealarm)
-Updater my antivirus (Avira Antivir)
-Vacuumed the underside of my laptop (which I do quite regularly)

The result: I left my laptop idle for about 4-5 hours as I was out drinking Friday night, came home and turned it off after browsing Youtube. The next morning I turned it on and immediately notice that something is wrong... I hear audio crackling / lagging whenever I'm opening websites, especially heavy ones like NatGeo.com and whatnot - and not only that, the mouse cursor itself lags behind sometimes as if my CPU suddenly would not be able to handle having 5-6 tabs open in Firefox while opening a 7th for example. Have not had any issues before this. It really takes the joy away from surfing the web and listening to music at the same time (as a note using Foobar and Spotify for my music listening). Incredibly frustrating.

Anyone have any ideas? my worst fear is that I've permanently damaged my CPU fan since the vacuuming probably made it spin faster than It's supposed to, but I have no idea how to confirm this. Could Windows update screw these things up? or my Zonealarm / Antivir updates? really seems odd since I've _never_ had any issues before. The laptop I'm using (Acer Aspire V3-571G) is about 2½ / 3 years old by now, and has worked flawlessly up to this point.

Any help is appreciated! cheers


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