Dragging archived files works funny

Oct 3, 2015
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Many times using Windows 7 I would highlight several archived files, either zip or rar, and drag with a right click to a folder on another drive. Upon release, a window pops up asking if you want to copy, move, or extract.

That all works the same in Win 10. However when I said yes to extract in Win 7 all the files I had highlighted and drug to the new folder would be extracted with no further need for input from me.

I tried this a couple days ago with Win 10. After the first file extracted a window opened and asked if I wanted to allow the next file to be extracted. I found it stopped after each one and I had to say OK before it would continue.

I'm using the same extraction program, WinRAR, on Win 10 that I did on Win 7, so the difference must be in how Windows handles dragged and dropped files being extracted. I see no reason why it was made more difficult in the new OS. Should I blame it on the evil monkey in the closet or something else?


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