Dual boot a little different. Looking for a bootloader

Oct 26, 2016
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Now I need a few pointers.
Here is my problem: On my wife's Laptop the original OS is Windows7 Home premium. To get the free upgrade I tricked a little but managed to get the"digital Entitlement".
Now I want to make the laptop a little faster as it has become more and more slower. First I upgraded the memory to max capacity of 8GB which allowed the laptop to become quite a bit faster.
To make it even faster I bought a SSD on which I installed Windows 10 Home (without the old drive present). Since she never uses the DVD drive I aquired a HDD caddy that fits nicely in place of the DVD drive.
Here is the catch though: By default the laptop only boots from the "real" HDD (now the SSD with Win10). I can choose in the Boot device menu the old drive and therefore the Windows7.
I rather would like the choice when the OS is about to start up though. I have experienced with EasyBCD but it did not work out with that (if I use it it tries to boot Windows7 but gives an error message that it cannot verify the file -something like that at least).
Does anyone know of a bootloader that can handle two independent systems???

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