Problem with dual boot Ubuntu 16.10 / Windows 10

Feb 13, 2017
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Good evening to everyone, I'm Davide, a new user of this forum.

I've installed Ubuntu 16.10 in dual boot with Windows 10 and now Windows can't start (Ubuntu works).
In particular Windows tries to start and then it shows the blue error screen.
I'm not sure about the correctness of the partioning of the disk. I attach an image so maybe someone can tell me if the problem is in the partioning or in something else.
Partition number 2 (391 GB) is where I have all the files of Windows, that I can still reach. Ubuntu is on partition number 6 (308 GB).

Partizioni disco.png

Thanks for the support.
Jun 2, 2016
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Ubuntu boot manager has over written Windows Boot Manager.
Google "Windows boot manager repair".

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