SOLVED Dual partition problem after one of them crashed and I had to rebuild it.

Mar 13, 2017
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I have a Win XP Pro (for my flight sims) partition of 50GB, and a Win 10/32 of 1.95TB. The XP partition crashed a couple of days ago, and the Repair option on the XP disk couldn't fix it. So I re-installed XP in the same partition and also the s/w involved. I had partitioned that HD myself last year when I got Win 10, and all worked well until a couple of days ago. Now, when I turn on my computer, I don't get the blue screen that allows me to select either Win 10 or an "older version of Windows" as before. It simply opens in XP, and offers no choice. So in XP, I right clicked on My Computer, and selected Manage/Storage/Disk Management. There I see my two partitions, and they're "Healthy". The problem is that my XP partition is now labelled as Primary, and System (next to "Healthy")... So, did I miss something when re-installing XP in that partition, meaning that I would have to redo this, OR can I fix this in Disk Management? I have seen no apparent way of fixing it there though. I just want to return to my previous boot where I'd choose which Win version to use. Can anyone help?



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