Need help to set up dual boot with Windows 10

Jul 27, 2016
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I'd like to set up two version of Windows 10. Right now, I have a 1TB drive, one partition, with my working Windows 10 which I'd like to keep as one of the OSs in the dual boot. I want to set up a clean install of Windows 10 on a new partition. Can anyone guide me?
Jun 6, 2016
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Hi Nisko,

I would advise you to google "dual boot windows" and print off instructions. Here is one such example, but there is lots of stuff you could google and perhaps print off:

And make sure you have everything backed up and verified. Personally I lost faith in Windows backup. I went to Macrium Reflect. Very good backup application. And easy to verify and test.

It is best if you can have another computer available to access the internet, seek help, create disks, copy tools to usb,print off instructions, etc. Otherwise make sure you gather all that stuff up front. Take your time before, during, and after(ensure it's stable).

Some things to consider: You should also think about a shared data partition. You need to be able to access all your data and files and mailboxes, etc. from both boot environments. And then you should also consider a recovery partition for both. I would hope you aren't going to attempt this all on the single 1TB drive. Perhaps a good time to expand your drive capacity?

You can use the windows 10 create media tool to create boot and install media. You need to research about the licensing requirements too. With me, I had 2 Windows 7 pro licenses, so I updated one to win 10 and used the other license for win 7..

Windows Disk Management tools should have what you need to do your partitioning. You may need to read up on a bit that if you haven't used it before.

hope all goes well.


I have always kept all my documents and files on another disk. Easier to back up that way. But I have both windows OS installs sharing the same documents folder, download folder, mail folders, etc. I have 4 drives in my system. Each OS install has it's own 240GB SSD with 2 partitions, OS and recovery, the shared drive is an HDD 1TB, and a spare HDD of 250 GB. And then I have external storage backups of backups and working on offsite of same.

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