Windows says I need a password even though I never set one up! I need HELP

Aug 14, 2016
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Build 14393.187.
My desktop never goes to sleep although I have set it up to go to sleep twice, I still have to manually put it to sleep and shut off the monitor or it will wake up during the night.
Today was different, I turned on the monitor and my screen shows the welcome screen and claims I now need a password, I set it up to not need one. I have tried my MS password and that doesn't work. Turning it off and on does not fix it, neither does Ctrl-Alt-Delete. What frustrates me Is I there is no Start or Taskbar so there is nothing I can do!
I'll keep using my 11 year old laptop hoping someone will help soon.


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Nov 19, 2013
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I now need a password, I set it up to not need one.
How exactly did you "set it up to not need one"?
Assuming you are at the sign-in page, where you are being prompted for a password.....
Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and use the power icon on the sign-in screen and choose "restart" while still holding down the shift key.
Then use the Troubleshooting -> Advanced Troubleshooting -> to see if you can, perform a .....
Startup Repair (I've noticed a couple times after attempting a Startup Repair, even one that seemingly didn't do anything, after a reboot something happened and Windows completed some updates that were evidently hung.)
System Restore
Startup Settings to boot into Safe Mode and or Safe Mode with Networking.

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