Event ID 10016 - DistributedCOM

Discussion in 'Crashes, BSODs and Debugging' started by Poromaster, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Poromaster


    Dec 24, 2016
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    Hello out there,

    I see im not the only one with MS issues anyways

    I followed https://www.windows10forums.com/articles/event-id-10016-distributedcom.47/

    untill i got an errow while doing the commandprompt. view picture.

    The code marked with yellow i try to run with commandprompt

    and Nægtet > means acces denied marked with yellow.. What do i do ?

    Ive followed the instructions closely.

    Please help.

    Merry X-Mas

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    Poromaster, Dec 24, 2016
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