External Hard drives Disconnecting When Rendering [AE]

May 28, 2021
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Hello, thought I'd post here seeing as this forum is active.

My system specs are as follows:
Ryzen 5900x
32GB Ram
MSI tomahawk x570 mobo (latest bios)
1tb nvme (root drive c)
Another ssd as a secondary drive, and four external hard drives.
EVGA 960 gpu 4gb vram

When I render in after effects 2021 (latest version and up to date) my external hard drives start disconnecting and reconnecting.

I was thinking okay, maybe it's because my files are being pulled from them, so I collected all my dependencies onto the root drive c: also where after effects is installed.

Ran the render again from after effects the problem continues to persist despite having no file relations to the externals, I'm rendering directly to root drive itself.

It's driving me crazy and after effects is crashing as well. The project is fairly heavy for those in the know-how of after effects, I'm using stuff like liquify, puppet tool, particular etc but nothing too bad beyond that.

Appreciate any insight, thank you!
Apr 22, 2017
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after effects is crashing

I have no idea about After effects crashing but there are many vids on YT to look at. The reason your drives disconnect may be graphics related as you only have a 4GB GPU? (Just a guess btw). :)


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