[Failure To Boot-Up] (Boot-Loop)+(BsoDs)+(AutoRestarts) Windows 10

Dec 8, 2015
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Windows 10 Problem. This Article contains a full report on what is going with my PC, Windows 10, and whatever else.
Seriously, I am sick of this PC, sick of Windows 10 doing this to me. Nobody else in my family has this problem...
(And that's why I can't blame Windows 10, I blame my PC, or something to do with my PC) Please Help Me!

Hello Windows10Forums Community, I've really been having issues lately, as of Windows 10 installation. I've found that there are several problems occuring at once.
The real problem itself is to do with how Windows 10 & my PC are playing along together. My first thoughts were it must be Windows 10, right? Not so sure now.
After discovering that the BsoD (blue screens of death) are occuring with errors that are related to drivers (no doubt) I'm starting to think that it might be drivers.
But then after a conversation with my father, I've found that it could also be the PCU not living long enough due to my System Specs, it might not be working together.
The PCU could be outdated, not so much compatiable with my Graphics Card. I have no idea, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on solutions, on what it might be that's
causing these Windows 10 conflicts with my system. Here are other problems that occur:

The Cycle Of How My PC Now Works... How it now Functions!
(1) System doesn't load up all the time. So, I turn it off over night, come back to my PC & find that turning it on (or even getting to the actual desktop) is a real
MISSION. It takes forever, and I mean a good while to actually start functioning again. The OS loads up, my computer boots up, and it works! Like it loads the Windows 10
Loading screen, and BOOM! It resets my PC again. Restarting it seveal times by itself in order to fix itself? I don't know. But I do know that my screen goes black,
comes back on- boots up again. And then boots up, goes off again, boots up, goes off again. You see? There is a pattern here. Eventually, I can then load up onto the Desktop
Log-in, and presto, it works again!

(2) Not long after that I find that opening up 'FireFox' or doing anything on the first successful boot-up causes it to once again... turn itself off.
The PC shuts down automatically, rebooting again. Boots up, freezes on the loading Windows 10 screen, goes off, boots up, freezes on the recovery.
Goes off, boots up, and then finally the recovery works, I can use the recovery options. But the problem occurs again when I choose (Start-up Repair)
It says that its doing something, but really it's not. It just keeps spinning round and round, loading several times (not doing anything) SO, I restart my PC
& again, it works. It comes up with the Windows 10 loading screen but goes to another Windows 10 loading (spinning circle thing) u know what I mean.
And this second loading screen is laggy, like you can see it moving in a (laggy kind of way) like the FPS has dropped or something. Then it comes onto Login!
I Login, it works! I finally can use the PC again like before. It doesn't turn itself off when I'm on 'FireFox' it doesn't seem to break at all.

If you need any Dump Files, I will happily provide you them. Showing what the Errors may be.
I haven't Uploaded any Screenshots / Evidence to prove this. But you must take my word for it.
Seriously, this is a problem that has been continuing to annoy me ever since I installed the later Windows 10.
When Windows 10 first released, I had ZERO problems! So, I know that it is something to do with my PC & Windows 10.

The End Of The Article (Explaining How You Can Help Me)
So, what is exactly going on with this PC? I have no idea. I really don't know.
If it helps: I am using Sapphire AMD Radeon HD Series (6600+) Something like that.
So, I have no idea what is actually causing the BsoDs, the computer to not boot up.
The computer to go into a boot-loop, I don't know anymore. I really, really, don't know!

And by the way! ~ What I'm using right now is Windows 10, a clean-install, and everything is wiped.
Like there is hardly anything on this PC, so I know for a fact it's not being caused by Softwares or whatever.
Unless it's the default softwares that run in the background that come with Windows 10.
I wish I knew what was causing my problem. I've read into it, and it could also be because I'm using Wireless Internet.
So, I turned off my Wireless Internet, now using Cable, so lets see if it works now for tomorrow.

I'll let you know the progress...
but in the meantime, please, please!
Please can you help me solve this problem!
I hate this PC because of all these issues.
It makes me think that my PC might be dying...
Which is weird, I've only had it for 3 years.
Oh, and it could also be the end of the PCU's lifetime.

- Thanks again,

- LukeJR


Dec 8, 2015
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(Bump) Just a quick update. After running Windows Updates, I seem to no longer have this problem.
But that might not be why! It could also be because instead of turning the Computer off by the Power switch at the back. I didn't flick it this time, and this morning I pressed the Power On button alone (switch already flicked over night) - So it loaded up without problems . . .
Could it be my Switch causing this issue? Or has the Windows Updates fixed my problem? : S

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