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Apr 9, 2018
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i just got a t-mobile modem to test to see how it works for my internet so i can drop comcast and there price hiking all the time. anyway i'm trying to get ookla to run and i can't get it to run now. if i hook up the comcast network it runs. i saw a blip in the hotices popup that said something about firewall and tmobile. so i took a trip into the firewall and i do not see anything about blocking t mobile.

i gt it seem i get all the sites i have tried and not having much of an issue, tell me i'm gettin 110mbps that is double what comcast gives me but i would like to get ookla also as a backup speed test so i have a double test. i do not think ookla is down as my phone get it going thru tmobile directly.

so i wonder it windows is blocking tmobile router/modem? does anyone have a fix? if i connect to the netgear modem and that is connected via cat5 to the tmobile modem i get thru, if i connect to the tmobile router/modem it gets blocked. if i stay n the netgear modem i get 37mbps if i hook up to tmobile i get 110mbps. so i would like to hookup to that device.

so i ahve to get the pc to let the tmobile thru so i can connect to it. thanks.

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