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May 27, 2019
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Would welcome any advice from someone who knows more about video quality, unfortunately I'm not the Einstein of the video world.
With laptop getting a bit old, In order to save space, I recently bought one of these mini computers, you have to connect to an external screen or TV.General performance is pretty good,except for video.
Up to now I've been using my laptop which is about 3 years old and did give pretty good results when connected to large screen TV via HDMI.

However when I used the Mini computer I found the quality was not as good as the old laptop.
Really I had expected better results as the processor is faster than the laptop.
The Mini specs are Core i5-5257u, 8G Ram, Dual Display [email protected]

The older Laptop specs: Intel N4200 quad core, 8G Ram,Intel HD 505 Graphics.

Well from what I understand, smaller computers have integrated graphics, but I noted on the laptop it seems to have a separate graphics component the Intel HD 505.

So I would assume then, if you have a separate graphics card as in older laptop, instead of integrated one, this will give a better performance in video quality? which could be the reason why quality is worse on the Mini, although new model with faster chip.

Therefore I am thinking of getting a desktop with separate graphics card which i assume will give better picture quality?
I have looked at a couple which are reasonably priced, one with
Intel i5 2400,8GB RAM, with Intel HD 2000 graphics
And another with AMD Athlon 3000G,16GB DDR 4 Ram, with Radeon Vega 3 graphics 4GB

Anyone got any advice what is the best option to take?


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