HELP Version 1709 changed MS accounts.

Nov 4, 2017
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Version 1709 changed MS accounts. I remember being able to delete or remove an Account in win 10 "settings", not so in version 1709. We have 5 Win 10 computers in our home, my wife has the only new one, the rest are hand me downs.
A few months ago I dedicated the original Hotmail account on the Desktop my wife uses the and opened a new account using a Gmail email address for the others. I made a mistake not deleting the Hotmail account on the others before setting up the new account. I have no idea how Microsoft decides which account it brings up when I log on, consequently we have put in the password for the Gmail account when the program expects the Hotmail account, consequently we have been fighting changed passwords frequently.
Before my family tars and feathers me I would like someone to send me information for Managing Accounts in Version 1709 so I can remove the Hotmail Account from 4 computers but not affect my wife's computer.
Until I get the Hotmail Account completely off the 4 computers my wife will be screaming at me that someone changed her password again!
This is like someone (Microsoft) has re-written an extremely exciting book but substitutes pages of the previous book and it turns out the butler did it!
Yes, I know I should have used different photos on each account, blame that on my 85 year brain!
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