Here's the main problem with Win 10

Nov 14, 2016
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When you are having a problem with your computer... anything, whatever, the questions asked or explanations on help to resolve any issue are ambiguous or unable to be understood by most people trying to get their computer to function properly. There is a conspiracy involved here. It has to do with all computer related sales of software & peripherals... they all work together to make $$. That's the bottom line... it's always about $$. Let me ask you all a question: What is a root of all evil? Win 7 which was the best ever didn't last long. I'd like to know why. Win 10 was designed to make everything obsolete & increase sales of upgrades. That's why Win 10 was initially offered for free. It will remain a major hassle in your life but it's ours to contend with due to the greed of big business. I could go on but what's the use!

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