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May 6, 2017
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So, a couple of days ago I was happily playing some video games on my Windows 10 laptop. Then I though "Better check my computer for any viruses"; after scanning I found 8000+ viruses (most were just duplications of the same malware). After waiting an hour or two for these all to quarantine (thank Malwarebytes for being slow), I then used AdwCleaner to check for any adware. I then proceeded to restart after everything was completed. After restarting I was unable to get into Windows, I had been locked out. It would either keep me in a "Welcome" loop or would just not allow me to in put my password. I can boot in safe mode however I cannot access File Explorer it just says "This app can't open" and then "Tips can't be opened using the Built-in Administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again". However on the desktop and in the start menu I can open File Explorer just fine, it is only when I pin it on my task bar and then click it; it does this strange 'refresh' thing and then states the error I just mentioned. I have already tried everything, from attempting to reset, startup repair, etc. Nothing seems to work and I am starting to think I will need to buy a Windows 10 disk (because my computer did not come with a disk) and somehow wipe my SSD which contains the install of Windows 10. However if anyone has an idea I would be glad to try it.



Mar 4, 2016
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Welcome to the Forum Xavier.

Given the large number of malware your programs detected and quarantined, and the troubles you've had since running these programs, I think the simplest thing to do now would be a in-place upgrade of the operating system.

This link takes you to our Forums Article section, to an article explaining how to download a Windows 10 ISO image that will match what you currently are using, which you can then use to create a DVD, or USB thumb drive installation disk from.


If you do not have sufficient space on your computer to download 3+ GB file, then you will need to do this on another computer, and be sure to select the correct information when you get to this screen during the process:


Also note: If you are downloading this from another computer, remove the check next to Use the recommended options for this pc.

When ready you can run the Setup.exe on your affected computer, and during that process you'll see a screen that asks whether you wish to keep your files and settings (these are things like emails, photos, games, music and any third party programs you have added to your computer that do not normally come with Windows 10.)

If you want to keep them make sure you choose that option, otherwise they will be lost for all time.

This link from another site demonstrates how to do an in-place upgrade and shows you each screen you will see during the process. It would be worth reading this so you are confident in how to do this before starting:


Good luck!



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