I wish to adjust the detail that is found when I use Headin 1 with Styles in Home.


Dec 19, 2015
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At the moment when I want to place a heading in the Navigation column I type it in the document where I want to place it. Click on, Headings 1, Select Home, select Styles, select Heading 1. As a result I finish up with a 24 point wide band which I have to reduce by changing the pt. size from 24 to 14 and I have to embolden it.

I placed my curser over Heading 1 and photographed the information showing below as the only way I could see to copy the information shown which I then laboriously copied below.

I would like to change Heading 1 so that a 14 pt. wide band shows that is already in bold but know not how to do so. Can you help me?

Heading 1:
Font: Bold, Font colour: Text 1
Before: 24 pt.
After: 0 pt.
Line and Page Breaks: Keep with next, Keep lines
Outline Level: Level 1
Style Linked, Quick Style, Priority: 10
Based on: Normal
Following style: Normal


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