Issues with boot windows (Errors 0xc0000034 & 0xc0000225)

Jul 27, 2017
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Refer to Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet for all the images I use in this post.

I restarted my computer this morning (2013 Toshiba Portege Z930) and was greeted with this error (image 1).

After some research I decided to load a bootable windows 10 onto a USB via another computer (64-bit) which I am fairly sure I did correct and then restarted my computer and held F12 which brang me to image 2.

I tried booting it through the USB but gave me the same error (image 1) as did all the other options except for HAD recovery which brang me to a different error (image 3) on this second error I had two other options but selecting either of these would just make the screen flicker.

I'm sure I'm the right track I feel I'm just doing something slightly wrong. Should I try rebooting a different windows OS? (Would this clean my HD?)

All help is greatly appreciated!
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Apr 22, 2017
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HI SaladBoy,

did you run the repair options and were there any messages?, do you have all your data backed up?, if you do and don't mind a full clean install, try recovering your PC using the the tolls provided or do a clean install. You may well have a recovery partition on your laptop which will wipe the whole drive SO BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST!. :)

See the following for more tips: :)



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Nov 19, 2013
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Image #1 indicates that your Boot Configuration Data (BCD store) has an issue.
Image #2 looks like you've select your USB bootable media as the boot source.
What did you use to construct the boot / installation media?
Do you have any reason to suspect that your hard drive has a problem?

Preparing the bootable media might be slightly different, depending on whether you have a relatively newer system with UEFI / GPT or a system with Legacy BIOS / MBR (which may account for your third image).
Get the latest ISO from here
Once you have the ISO, use Rufus from here
To construct the bootable installation media properly according to which system you have


When you've managed to boot from the installation media you need to click the Repair Your PC link on the second page after the Choose a Language and Keyboard layout page. That should get you to the Advanced Troubleshooting options.
From there, assuming that there is no physical problem with your hard disk you can attempt.....
Startup Repair (to attempt to repair the BCD)
System Restore (to go back to an earlier point in time)
Startup settings (to attempt to boot to Safe Mode)
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