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Jun 29, 2016
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You can remove jump lists for all software pinned to the Start menu. Is it possible to stop jump lists being created for only one or two of the software items pinned to the Start menu whilst still having jump lists created for the remaining pinned software?



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Wayne

Jump Lists for individual applications are stored in two locations, which you can access via File Explorer, typing or copy and pasting the following into File Explorer's Address bar, then pressing your Enter key:
  • %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations
  • %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations
Note: %APPDATA% is a shortcut for C:\Users\<Name of current user>\AppData\Roaming

For example in my case %APPDATA% changes to C:\Users\Regedit32\AppData\Roaming after pressing Enter key which you'll see in the address bar of the following image.

Sample image


As you can see the list of Name's is rather cryptic, however each one is for a single application only.

To help identify which one is which you need to do a couple of steps.

I'll illustrate this by using Google Chrome in the example:

  • Open File explorer and type or copy & paste the following into the Address Bar then press Enter key
After pressing Enter key you'll be presented with the following:


Note: If its not ordered by today's date from top to bottom as in above image, click on Date Modified to achieve this now.

Leave this File Explorer Window open for now, and click on Start then on Google to view Google Chromes Jump List. Right-click on an item and select Remove from this list

Note the current time from your computer clock!

Sample image


Next, return to your open File Explorer window and click the refresh arrow on right side of address bar, then look at the Date modified column to see whether any listed items display the time you removed an item from Google.


I removed my item from Google Chrome at 12:27 pm. In the above image no listed item reflects this.

This means, that no item in this current directory is a Google Chrome Jump List.

Thus I need to type or copy & paste the following into the File Explorer Address bar and press Enter key:

After pressing Enter key click the Date Modified if needed to ensure items from today are listed from top to bottom. You'll now see the following:


As you can see their is an item that was modified at 12:27 pm which is the exact time I removed an item from Google Chrome. That means that the item named 5d696d521de238c3.customDestinations-ms is Google Chrome's Jump List.

This Jump List name for an application never changes! That means we can make a modification to the directory which contains the jump list to prevent the application creating a new jump list.

Continuing with my Google Chrome example, here is how.
  • Right-click on the Name we have confirmed is Google Chrome's Jump List and select Properties
  • Now select [ if needed ] the General tab of the dialog which opens
  • Next copy the name of the Google Chrome Jump List
Sample image

  • Click OK to close the dialog after copying the name
  • Paste this name into a notepad to ensure the Google Chrome Jump List name is in your Clipboard
  • Next, back in the File Explorer window, right-click on the Google Chrome Jump List name and select Delete
  • Next right-click inside the window and select New > Folder
  • Now right-click on the default New Folder name and select paste to name it the Google Chrome's jump list name, then click away from the new folder.
Sample image



With a folder given the same name as Google Chrome's Jump List which is located inside the same directory that the original Jump List item for Google Chrome was saved to, Google Chrome can now no longer create a jump list for itself.

You can do this with any of the other jump lists inside either of the two directory locations I mentioned at the start of this posting.​



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