Laptop goes to sleep when unplugged, unable to access advanced power options or control panel

Feb 18, 2016
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Since yesterday, my laptop goes to sleep (or at least the monitor completely dims) when unplugged. The moment I plug it in again, it again awakens.

I've been trying to take a look to see if it is either the monitor dimming when unplugged or if this is due to some power setting but I am unable to access the advanced power options. I have tried accessing this from:
  • Settings / System / Power & Sleep and then Additional power settings (upon which it seems windows explorer or something just crashes)
  • via control panel (upon which it seems windows explorer or something just crashes)
  • accessing the power options through running a search for "edit power plan (upon which it seems windows explorer or something just crashes)
In all the above cases, Windows 10 freezes for a min or two, it looks to me that Windows Explorer crashes and, once recovered, I'm right back where I started.

I tried running 'sfc /scannow' but was returned the following message upon completion of the system scan: "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included int he CBS.Log..."

I've tried looking through the log but have to be honest that it's not immediately obvious to me what the unresolved issues are (tried uploading but the file is too large at 3MB even when I reduce it for the results of that particular scan.

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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