Unable to project from PC to Laptop

Dec 11, 2018
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Morning folks,

I recently bought a new PC to upgrade from my old laptop and thought about using the laptop as a second monitor using Windows 10's project feature to extend the monitor using Miracast.

Unfortunately for some reason when I try to connect to a wireless display on my PC, my laptop isn't discoverable. I can confirm that I have enabled projection on both machines, and I am able to discover other devices from my PC (such as my smart TV).

To make things weirder, I am able to reverse the process (project from my laptop to my PC) without any difficulty at all.

Both the PC and the laptop are on the same wireless network, both using wireless adapters. Thus far i've tried updating the drivers for my network adapters on both machines (as well as reinstalling them). I haven't yet tried connecting them via ethernet cable, but only because I don't have one to hand.

Both machines have been updated to Windows 10 1809, however this feature didn't work when they were both running 1803 either.

Thanks, hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

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