Microphone stops working after randomly while using Windows 10

Jun 26, 2021
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It all started when I installed a new Microphone on my Pc. (It is a HyperX Quadcast S). Started playing with friends. After a while I noticed that my friends weren't responding to me I alt tabbed and realized my push to talk wasn't working (this goes for every voice program, the same thing happens the push to talk key stops working). In my Recording options the mic isn't disabled.

When I go into recording devices after it stops working when I speak I do not see any green bars, when I go to steams voice test and nada, no green bars. To fix it I go to my Voicemeeter programm and change the input driver from WDM to MME for some reson it works for a few seconds or minutes.

I've tried a fresh install of windows 10, I've tried different mics, updating drivers, disableing audio drivers, different sound cards and the same thing keeps happening.

It happens when I'm gaming, or even when I'm not even on my pc doing anything.

I feel like I tried everything. I've been googling fixes and working fixing this for two weeks with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


- HyperX HeadsetHyper
- X Quadcast S Microphone
- Steelseries Rival mouse
- SteelSeries Qck
- Royal Kludge Keyboard
- Zowie 1920x 1080x monitor 144hz


- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz
- 16.0 GB RAM
- AMD Redeon. Nitro R9 390x (8Gb)
- Mainboard ASUS X99 S


- Windows 10 Pro

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