Mix-ups in my keyboard languages - English and Japanese - and in the symbols

Mar 17, 2016
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Immediately after the last update you uploaded - without notice of when it would be or what would be in it - my keyboard went berserk. I use both Japanese and English both not usually in the same text. However, I now have Japanese breaking at odd places in what should be a completely English text. I made sure that the keyboard was definitely turned onto English, but that didn:t help. I also noticed that the symbols on my keyboard have been badly affected. You will notice the colon in didn:t. I couldn:t even use quotation marks at first until I discovered that I could get quotation marks if I used the key that, if shifted, once gave me an at as in abc at xyz. In other words, if I want a @ I must use an unshifted bracket. I cannot now use any of the keys to get an ordinary square bracket.

 I suspect that the problem with Japanese kana and kanji popping up in the strangest places is related to the caps lock, which is used often in switching in and out of the language. ウィchいs鵜瀬  てゃt:that:s what I mean. If I use the caps lock, I can get rid of both the kana and kanji, but it:s not reliable. The keyboard will also switch from katakana to hiragana without warning.

Actually, it is the loss of many of the symbols on the keyboard that is the worse problem. I:ve found ways to get around most of the Japanese problems, although they:re pretty awkward. But I cannot do without the symbols.


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