msWORD 2007 malfunction

Oct 9, 2016
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Hi y'all, I asked this before but perhaps didn't get through - I have internet only via UHF-antenna:
I have and want to keep my msOffice master-2003; using it often.
Bought the Student/home version msOffice 2007 a while ago - all good BUT...
2003 version of WORD is set as standard; since upgrading legal 8.1pro to win10pro, the 2007-word takes over, i.e.: while hovering over the icon of ANY document, it blocks all PC resources, claiming that it has to (re)install WORD'07 and after what seems like 5 minutes (probably just 66 seconds) it eventually gives the preview.
Kind-of fine; it if were not that (a) if I cancel such re-installation, and click all negatively, it says that winWORD'07 cannot function properly anymore; truth is - is DOES, 100% OK in both preview and new documents; but (b) if out of word'07 into any other program, the whole ordeal starts over and again: either I let it do its "re-installation" or I cancel+cancel+cancel and save like 55 seconds - both returning back to a functioning word'07. Btw- word 2003 - never any hiccup!
There must be a way of preventing word'07 from super-imposing and/or claiming it must reinstall over and again, right?
Best regards - Willy


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