Multiple printer drivers

Apr 7, 2018
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I hope this is the correct forum. My wife's complaining led me to research this problem. Often when she tries to print she gets an error message that the printer is offline. It is not offline of course; it turns out that an incorrect printer driver is selected by whatever program she is trying to print from. Usually the driver that will not work is a duplicate of the correct driver that Windows has somehow installed. I did a web search for this problem and found many references and no solution. Apparently rebooting , changing the USB port and many other things can insert a new printer driver copy in devices and printers. I tried reinstalling the driver package from Cannon for my MX922 and installed on my desktop a new utility I hadn't seen before called Canon U Network tool which shows all printer drivers associated with my computer and the ports they are installed on. It seems there are drivers that are connected to USB ports if the printer is connected by a USB cable and others for wireless connection with ports named CNBJNP with a bunch of numbers and letters . I my case there is Canon MX920 (USB), Canon MX920Copy 1), (USB) and Canon MX920 (copy 2) wireless. Also a Canon MX920 series Printer XPS. In devices and printers there are also 4 fax drivers for this printer, a Canon MX920 series fax and 2 copies and a Canon MX920fax WS, plus Canon MX920 series printer WS and XPS. What are the duplicates and how to get rid of them. Is there a simple way to stop widows from recreating them. The only stuff I found online was complex involving a lot of registry editing. Most important is there a way to set a driver as the default one in such a way that all programs will select that one when trying to print.


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