Jun 20, 2022
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Audio problem 6/19
System Name DESKTOP-H92FAF8

All has been well with my computer for a significant time..

A few hours ago I cleaned my computer outsides, insides and all USB male and female connectors.

Since then I have not been able reactivate the audio

The internal Speaker icon in the tray is dead.
Same for the HP Swivel Monitor HDMI line: the Video is fine.

My external USB speaker is a Generic OPKALL.
This is dead under anything I tired to get it going..

A USB mic serves as my audio in.

Both the speakers and mic connect to the computer through a USB hub

All have worked well and have been nicely stable and dependable.

I have not been able to find any anomalies in the Device Manager, but I was not exactly what I should do from there.

Thank you for any help and guidance and support.


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