Keyboard and Realtek HD audio headphones keep disconnecting

Mar 30, 2022
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Sorry I don't know where to ask this but my keyboard and headphones keep disconnecting. At first I thought it was a firmware update issue, then driver issue both didmg wofk not even changing slots. Please if anyone knows what to, its tedious to have them to have them keep connecting and . I've been typing this with my pc's keyboard programs and and and my mouse :(


Apr 18, 2021
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It might help if you included your system specs. How are the headphones and keyboard connected?

If they are both USB devices then try using different USB ports.
Run Windows Update to see whether there are any service or driver updates that might fix this.
Go into your power options and disable 'USB Selective Suspend'.
In device manager uncheck the 'Allow Windows to turn off this device to save power' checkbox for all your USB Root Hubs.
After you've done all that then reboot.

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