non-stop auto try/fail install four UNWANTED "Optional Features"

May 14, 2017
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I have refreshed WinX v. 1703 and it has been trying non-stop to add and install several language "Optional Features" that I absolutely do not want! Action Center msg "There was a problem and could not install ..." coming maybe 20 times/day!! How can I get WinX to "cease & desist" and stop trying to install them?!

These "Optional Features" are to me unreachable so I do not know how to find and delete them since they are not installed

these >
1. French (France) optical character recognition
2. French (France) typing
3. English (US) optical character recognition
4. English (US) typing

my keyboard is Swiss German, English language pack installed: want to KEEP!

English (US) Windows display language. Enabled (override)
keyboard layout: Swiss German
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