Older drivers on win10.

May 2, 2019
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Hi All
I use my pc to program flybarless units for my model helicopters. For this I need to download both software and drivers.
Up till now, on Win7 I have had no issues, but I have upgraded to Win10 and now can't get my pc to recognise the necessary drivers.
I understand that the drivers are the responsibility of the chip manufacturers, in this case Prolific, but I need older issue of drivers, which they no longer support .
I have seen a couple of workarounds for this, but neither work in my case.
Latest one, I managed to install the drivers ok, but the pc would still not recognise them, giving me error code 31, whatever that may be.
I am not computer literate, so if anyone has any ideas, preferably in simple terms I would be glad to hear them.
BTW, the driver I need is Prolific, issued on 24/9/2008.
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Oct 13, 2021
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what is this driver for is it for adapter or helicopter interface, and how are you programming these helicopters.

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