OMG...Big problem with windows 10 users/sign in

Aug 27, 2015
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Not sure how to describe this goes...I have 2 users appearing on my windows 10 sign in page. First user is my wife with a user name of her old Windows 8.1 email address. She has sign in options granted on her page. She is also a msn user and has 2 msn accounts. The first under her old Windows 8.1 name and the second, recently established, under a new user name and password. The problem is that my account has my Comcast email address as my user name, with no sign in options given and it must have admin power since the system asks for my pw with each and every change. And, of course, I have no idea what that password is negating my authority to permit changes. I have completely forgotten the password therefore rendering the machine useless. As you might imagine...this is most frustrating. I have tried 3rd party software recover that password with no success. Can someone please help??? Should you need more detail or background please leave me a note. I am that close to recycling this computer! Thanks....



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Nov 19, 2013
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Assuming the one or both of your wife's accounts is a member of the local administrator's group, it should be simple enough for her to log in and promote you from a standard user to an admin user.
Control Panel, Users Accounts, Manage another user, Change the account type.
You could also change the local password for that account there as well.
The only problem would be if you have somehow associated that Comcast account with your Microsoft Account (Live ID).

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