OOBE Settings Error

Feb 1, 2023
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I need to create a new administrator account in Windows for work because I am working from home and the company wants to install Prohance, a monitoring tool in my machine. One of the things I need to do before I can install this software is to add a new administrator account,

I managed to add a new user after Windows 10 gave me the first few "try again later" error, a hint that something must be wrong with my OS and I restarted the PC to log in to the newly created account and I never got past the OOBE settings error message, and my new user profile won't load.

I have tried a few workarounds that I have found searching online, but none of those have fixed the issues.

Besides the OOBE settings error, I realized that I can not run sfc /scannow on command prompt either , and the same thing happens when I boot in safe mode and try to run the repair tools.

When I run sfc /scannow I get this error message "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service."

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