PC Freezing the Blue screen message

Feb 6, 2016
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My PC will freeze at times and it then sit’s frozen with the picture & mouse pointer frozen until it then post’s the Blue Screen with the message below & then reboots. After that it will work OK for some random period of time and then do the same. It isn’t something that happens real frequently but what you are working on will be lost if you don’t save a doc often while you are working on it.

I went to www.windows.com/stop code and printed out the instructions on troubleshooting. My message is for DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, this seems like a lot of work to get into safe mode and is this only or best way to fix the problem. Side note, I had called AVG recently to fix an issue with their program recently and they took control of my PC to diagnosis the issue other than that I have had some updates to the PC. Is the trouble shooting instructions from Microsoft the best way to try to correct the issue? Never had an issue with this PC since I got it 2.5 yrs ago.

Thanks for any guidance on this problem.


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