Problem managing devices connected via ethernet bridged to WIFI

Jun 25, 2018
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The environment is Windows 10 release 1803 (I did not test with older versions). My desktop PC is connected via WIFI to home network and the Internet. I have plugged in a small POE switch to the desktop's ethernet port and plugged a VoIP telephone into the switch. When I establish a bridged connection, the VoIP phone works great! It can register with two different services and I can manage it via a web browser from the desktop. However, when I connect any other type of device to the switch (I have been testing VoIP Analog Transport Adapters (ATAs), the destination is not reachable from the PC. I have looked through options and changed types of devices, but the VoIP phones (I have tried several) work but the ATAs do not. I have tried with disable firewall without success. The ATA device sees the network because it obtains a DHCP address from the router which means something is working. There is a setting or an option that I need to adjust, but I cannot seem to find it. Help is appreciated.
Win10Bridge Problem.png

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