Problem viewing characters encoded using Windows-1257 set

May 2, 2015
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I cannot discipline a display...
W 10 Build 10074
Having text files written saved and displayed using W7
and now being useful for reference - now I discovered that fonts are being displayed
I had to learn that my text contains characters encoded using Windows-1257 code set.
So I did
chcp 1257
Changed from code page 437. Nothing changed! Even after restart.
(Had a try of code pages 775 and 850 - no desirable result)

And now I have question - “If it is possible and when it is, how to set W10 to display correctly fonts Windows-1257 code set?”

Example “unreadable” text may be found here -

Any response welcome.


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Nov 19, 2013
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A simple translation of a paragraph of the text you have linked to, reveals "Latvian".
Is that the language version or at least a language pack you have installed?
According to this page I don't see that as a choice and I don't know if there is any language packs that are available for this current build that might help.
May 2, 2015
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I apologize
I forgot to name language...
There are 11 problematic fonts.

First - I installed latvian standard keyboard and my fonts on screen are fine;
Notepad correctly stores my text in UTF-8 and Unicode.
Second - WordPad tells me "ANSI codepage 1252"
And - Latvian fonts getting inserted using string.
like this--
ā -> 5C 75 32 35 37 3F
e.g. 4 bytes between 5C and 3F (hexa)
But in afore mentioned text the same font
is “single byte coded” ; the same ā -> E2. And so far I can not find standard solution.
Apart from scripts there exists aliases...
Thank You

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