'Reboot & select proper boot drive'

Sep 19, 2021
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Help needed guys

Desktop been working with no issues then today restarted & stuck on BIOS splash screen .... will eventually get a flashing cursor on left hand side & then mins later will get ''Reboot & select proper boot drive'

I can hit DEL at start up & then ALT F2 for ASUS EZ Flash utility in order to update BIOS - i have placed new BIOS on FAT32 USB stick BUT after many, many mins get 'no existing drives'??!! The whole experience is so slow though with getting into BIOS

I have checked boot order in BIOS & can see PC points to my Scandisk 240gb SSD drive but obviously does not load

I am unable to boot into SAFE MODE

I have a placed windows 10 ISO on USB stick & changed boot order ... no joy as PC is unable to see USB stick

I have disconnected everything i dont need - only monitor, USB mouse & keyboard, power

I am therefore at a loss as what is wrong ..... Mobo, SSD Drive, PSU, etc

Please can anyone provide any assistance?

ASUS A78l-M mobo
Windows 10
240gb Scandisk SSD drive


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