Shared Folder Access

Feb 15, 2021
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I have a partition (G:Music) on which all my music is stored.
The files/folders are all editable via my PC on which I am the only user with a named adminstrator account.
When I share the partition (all folders and files) an account for 'Everyone' is automatically added.
This allows me to stream music via ethernet through my HiFi and devices through Wifi.
As I don't want any of the devices to be able to delete or edit the files, I have set 'Everyone' security as 'Read'.
The administrator account has full access.
This has been applied to everything on the drive.
I now find that as administrator I am no longer able to delete or rename the folders or files via the PC.
I get a prompt advising I don't have administrator rights as all the files are set to 'Read'.
I can modify the attributes each time but this is becoming a pain.
How do I get the PC to modify the attributes for the account gaining access to the files, so I still retain full rights while I am using the PC and limit the network from making changes as the security settings advise is the case.


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