Shared folders not showing up

Oct 16, 2020
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I have two laptops connected via an Ethernet switch. I am using the current version of Windows 10 home. One laptop, which I will call main, has two external USB 3.0 hard drives. I have turned file sharing on for everyone on both of these drives, as well as sharing also turned on on a number of folders on these drives. I have additionally mapped three of the folders as drives on the second computer which I will call backup. Both computers show as connected to the same network. When I first set up the sharing, I could see the shared drives and folders in File Explorer under Network. Somewhere along the line, the shared folders stopped showing up on either laptop. I did a network reset on both, and the shared files reappeared on both. This is when I mapped the three folders as drives, and they show up on backup under my PC, and I am able to access all three mapped drives, and all subfolders show up on all three mapped drives just fine. However, once again the shared folders no longer show up under network in the navigation pane on either laptop. This hinders accessing any of the non-mapped folders. Both computers show up just fine in the network on both laptops, as well as showing up as media devices on both.

How can I stop the shared folders from disappearing from view without having to keep resetting my networks?

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