Shared Home Folders And Homegroup Shares Not Showing Up

Feb 11, 2016
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I have two machines running Windows 10, which I shall call A and B. I use my Microsoft login on both machines. I have set both machines to share their home folders. A's shared home folder is visible on both A and B. However B's home folders are only visible on B and not on A. I have exactly the same settings on each machine for advanced sharing settings. I want to be able to access B's files on A.

I read that problems with HomeGroup could cause problems with file sharing so I tried to get that working. At first I had HomeGroup configured only on A and I couldn't set it up on B. This turned out to be due to permission problems on some files needed for one particular service to run, and once that was fixed I finally got B connected to the Homegroup, but only A's HomeGroup shares were visible on both machines. B's files are invisible to A both with traditional folder sharing and HomeGroup.

I'm not particularly interested in getting HomeGroup working per se, but I would be very grateful if someone could help me get my shared home folders shared.


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