Spectre bug - performance testing.

Jul 31, 2015
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You may have see news of a bug in the intel micro-code which will affect every X86 processor for the last 10 years. There's also been a lot of speculation as to how much performance the fix will drop - reports of up to 30% (or more).

MS have issued the patch for Windows 10. which takes you from build .125 up to build.192.

I ran a handbrake video conversion before and after and also ran the passmark test before and after. This was on my I7-3770.

Handbrake. Before: average FPS 168. Time taken - 18mins.

Handbrake. After: average FPS 167.5. Time taken 18 mins 20 seconds.

Passmark. Before After

Total 3219.7 3228.7

CPU 8214 8224

2D 557 561

3D 3585 3605

Mem 1752 1758

Disk 2444 2409

So, the only thing that seems to have suffered is disk I/O and that by around 1.5%

YMMV - this is just what I found.


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