Switching SYSTEM drives corrupts DATA drives

Jun 15, 2015
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I am running into a rather strange problem and I am hoping someone here can help:

My System:
My system is a Windows 10 machine with one System drive on an SSD and 2 Data drives. In addition, I have a second System drive which is, supposedly identical to first one. (Having a second system drive enables almost instant recovery in case of problems) Only ONE of the two system drives is ever connected. One of my System drives is a Crucial SSD, the other is a Samsung SSD.

The Problem:
Whenever I switch from one system drive to the other, (Power down system, physically remove drive A and plug in drive B, then re-boot) Both of my DATA drives get corrupted. My first indication of that corruption is an error message complaining that the Recycle bin on one of the Data drives is corrupted. I can then run CheckDisk on both data drives, Chkdsk will fix the drives and everything is fine until I switch back to the original system drive when the same thing will happen. This problem occurs each and every time I switch from one system drive to the other. Unfortunately, after each Chkdsk recovery, I end up with one or more "foundxxxxx" files and frequently actual data (often the xml catalog of my backup drive) end up being corrupted as well.

Has anyone here run into this problem before? What causes it and what can be done to fix it?

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