Task Scheduler not working, it not taking the file from the target folder.

May 6, 2018
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We are using task scheduler to automate the particular task.

If we schedule a task for every 5 mins it need take the file from target folder and it needs to automate the file but it not working.
If I "Run" the task using the button means it working fine even if we run the script using PowerShell it also working fine.
But while automate the process its not working.

Below points are we used to fix the issues but it's not fixed.
- We completely deleted the task and created once again.
- We try to restart the task but that button is not able to access it.

Please assist us on this to fix the issue.

Attached Task Scheduler screenshots for reference


  • Server Task 1.png
    Server Task 1.png
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  • Server Task 2.png
    Server Task 2.png
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  • Server Task 3.png
    Server Task 3.png
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  • Server Task 4.png
    Server Task 4.png
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  • Server Task 5.png
    Server Task 5.png
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